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Introducing The Toddle

Safety. First.

One of the first and most important bub safety purchases you will make upon becoming a parent, if you drive a car, is a baby car seat. Your child will sit in this infant capsule, then a booster seat, to keep them safe every time you drive anywhere, for the next 10 years.

Your child’s car safety seat just got even safer with The Toddle by Buckle Bandage!


Parents know what matters

As parents we understand what you care about because it’s the same things that we care about. 

We want high quality, Australian made products that increase the safety and comfort of our kids, whilst looking after the planet that they will one day inherit.


How it all began

One day at just 3 months old a child experienced a horrible and unexpected injury in the course of an ordinary daily event – a short car trip to Mothers’ Group. Shocked and upset about the experience, her mother chatted to other mums and found out she was not alone. 

Here began one mum’s mission: A mission that lasted 5 years and culminated in the creation of a must-have product for every parent who drives – The Toddle by Buckle Bandage. 

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