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Katie & Tilly's Story

One lovely summer morning new mum Katie dressed her 3 month old baby Tilly in a nappy and singlet and headed out to the car. The car was a little warm and Katie looked forward to setting off and getting some cool air circulating. As she buckled Tilly into her car seat she noticed a little pink mark appeared where the metal of the buckle had touched her baby’s leg, but she didn’t think she had reason to be concerned. 


During the short journey to their mums and bubs catch up baby Tilly was quite unsettled and not herself. On arrival a distressed Katie realised the pink mark on her baby’s soft skin was actually a significant burn that had blistered badly.


Katie chatted to other mums about what happened. She discovered she was not alone in this experience. Not only had it happened to other parents, but local government health organisations and fire departments had highlighted the problem.


Now understanding just how sensitive a baby’s skin is and not wanting this to ever happen again, Katie looked to buy a buckle cover or something that prevents heat conduction. After all if it’s a widespread and known about problem there must be a product on the market to solve it, right? 


But there was nothing. 


Katie asked her Mothers Group what they do and raised the question in public health forums. Creative solutions ranged from fitting shades to the windows or covering the buckle with a towel, blanket or muslin wrap whilst the car is parked. 


Or as the QLD Government recommends “if a car park is in the sun and it’s next to impossible to find shade, tucking the seat belts away is another great idea. Otherwise, staying aware of this burn hazard is important.”


Katie took her search overseas… it was the same: 


‘Be aware’ but there existed no specific product to fix the problem.


Determined that no other parent and child would experience what she and Tilly did, Katie embarked on a 5 year journey to create a simple and effective solution.


She came up with The Toddle.

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