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The Problem- Car Seat Buckle Burns

Have you ever thought about how hot your car really gets?

As literature from a variety of sources and anecdotal evidence from parents indicates, there is a significant risk of infant injury from sun exposed surfaces on baby seat belt buckles and some plastic parts. 

By their very nature as durable safety products baby and child car seats require metal and plastic elements. However, when a car is parked in a sunny location metals and plastic can overheat. These parts can cause serious injury at any age, but infants and toddlers are more at risk due to their delicate skin and natural curiosity to touch and explore.

Metals feel colder or hotter to the touch than other materials at the same temperature because they are good thermal conductors. This means they easily transfer heat to colder objects – a baby’s skin, or absorb heat from other objects – a car’s interior. Some metals may also heat up faster compared to other materials, further exacerbating the problem.

The solution to stop buckle burns is finally here

There is finally a clear solution to the problem of car seat buckle burns, a specific product that prevents this unfortunate incident: The Toddle by Buckle Bandage.

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