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Safety & Sustainability

Safety & Quality Assurance

As a child safety product, child restraints for use in cars have a mandatory standard covering; design, construction, performance, user instructions, marking and packaging. 

From conception and design to manufacturing and labelling, we at Buckle Bandage have ensured our products meet the highest quality and safety standards, to be used with infant capsules and booster seats compliant with Australian Standard 1754:2016 Child Restraint systems for use in motor vehicles.


Made in Australia is our Promise

To ensure Buckle Bandage products not only meet Australian standards at every step, but truly warrant the label ‘Australian Made’, we source most of our raw materials locally. We use high quality recycled Polyester textiles form Australian Suppliers and durable post consumer Polypropylene for the clip which has been ethically produced by a Sydney based manufacturer. We also use Australian machinists to sew and assemble our finished product. 

Manufacturing our product completely onshore allows for total quality control and our proud claim: Australian made, from start to finish.

Caring for Tomorrows World

Our material of choice for Buckle Bandage textile cover is recycled polyester, which is made from recycled PET bottles and other food grade containers. Not only is this resource in plentiful supply and can be continuously repurposed, it has also often been reclaimed from the ocean, offering a two-fold environmentally positive effect: Recycle waste and clean up the ocean. 

Complete recyclability keeps the final product less energy intensive than those made from leather, wool, natural and organic cotton.

In keeping with our policy of sustainability, our clip is produced form donated post consumer polypropylene bottles which are washed and shredded to find new life in our proprietary clip design. By carefully mixing colours from a variety of sources our supplier crafts unique finishes for our range of colours.  Buckle Bandage believes in creating environmentally positive products that help to protect the natural world we will pass on to our children.

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